Xynthia,Xynthia when will you go away? I don't want you here no more. You have been here long enough. I want sunshine not rain. I want a breeze not a storm. And I'm not a big fan of thungder and lightning, it' s a little scary when you are all alone in an empty flat.
My only flatmate moved out yesterday, so now I have this big empty thing to myself.
Always thought I would like living alone, guess I would have to get used to it now. I should use the living room a little more, it will become better if I throw those old things out. The people who used to live here have left so much stuff for us. Some underwear and towels, some old food, some pens and some cosmetics. It all gives this place a temporary feeling, like none of us are staying here for long.
I would have given you some pictures if I had any to show you, don't think I have taken many pictures with the digital camera since I came here. What I can promise is to show you my pictures for my new project as soon as I start it.
We are going to explore portraits, and we are going to do a photojournalistic project were we are to use a blog as the medium of communication.
Think I will try to take some pictures of the pretty houses and some touristy pictures of Porto.

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