sorry vera, but i only saw the comment today. about macaroons, this is the resepie i used:

240g icing sugar
140g ground almonds
3 eggwhites

150g butter
ca75g icing sugar

term, the ground almonds with sugar in a bowl. whip egg whites stiff.
stir together the egg white stivpiskede with almonds and powdered sugar mixture using a spatula. add  cocoa or food coloring if desired, the color should be chosen according to the tate of the filling.

spread the batter to the macaroons on a baking tin. it should be about 3cm distance.
let stand for about 15 min.
small macaroons bake for 10-12 minutes in the large 18-20min. to avoid the cakes being burned, put a baking tray under the one with the cakes. a smart tip is to let the oven door be slightly ajar
let cookies rest on the grate after cooking.

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Rarr sa...

:P that's quite alright. I wish blogspot notified you when comments are posted...
ANYWAY. that seems a lot simpler then the one I used. I shall try this next! Thank you for posting! :D