some more pictures from my trip to turkey. here mom is checking her book at kakakus, where there is a nine meter high pillar dating back to the first BC with an eagle on top.
then we wisited mount nemrut national park. on the summit of mount nemrut, the highest mountain in mesopotamiaat 2206 meters. sists the gigantic funery sanctuary erected in the first century BC byking antiochus I of commagene. the engineering facinated us, the artificial tumulus as it is flanked by terraces on wich rest the colossal statues of apollo, zeus, hercules, tyche and antiochus. time has done heavy damage on the statues- their torsoes sits with their beautifully carved heads by their feet.
then there is images from diyabakir that is a very historical city that has been a cradle for 26 civilizations during 5000 years. i'm really sad we did not get a chance to walk around in the old city. what we got see was the walls wich encircle the old city, the walls are 5,5 km long, have 16 towers and 5 gates.

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