that's the mountain we went up

we had to have a rest by the lake

the view from the top of the mountain, that's the village i live in

two swetty, happy and tierd walkers

today me, my mom and the dog went fot a walk up the mountain.
on our way there we picked some cloudberrys, yummy! can't waint for the berry season, blueberries is a big favourite. while we waint for the sun to do it's job making those berries sweet and juicy we go hiking up some mountains. today was a small hike. but it was hard since the sun was shining and it was really warm outside. this is my first mountain walk of the season, and i notices i'm a little out of shape. nothing a few walks wont cure!
after we came home i made myself a strawberrymilkshake for dessert and enjoyed it in the afternoon sun in our garden.

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