even grown men jump paradise

saturday was a quiet night so i grabbed the chance and took some pictures.this is how nicolina, the little café/bar i work in look like. it's such a nice little place and the customers are great. nicolina has an atmosphere unlike any other norwegian café/bar i know, more of a continental feel. our customers clean up after themselves and say thank you when they leave- this never happens in the norway i know, but it's really nice of people to do that.
what's great about kabelvåg (the little village i live in) is that we have a car free street where they have painted loads of different types of paradise. and the funny thing is that i think there are more grownups jumping paradise than there are kids doing it. in the middle of the night as some men left the bar, after some drinks, they started jumping paradise. it was so sweet and funny to watch them try to figure out how this thing worked.
and the last photo is of my boss daniele- he's a funny one. we have such a bad sence of humour- the kind of jokes we tell are yo mama jokes, and they are so insulting.

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