Went to a crossdressing party yesterday, there were some amazing costumes.
Almost everyone looked better than me, but I don't care. There was Adam Ant and there was doctor Watson and there was a trashy and pregnant Chardonay. I was really suprised by how willing the boys were to put on short skirts and tops and how much they enjoyed dressing like a female.
When Vera's house have parties they always have good themes and everyone is so good dressing up and I always have so much fun with them.
I think this top picture is my favourite from the night, I like the soft focus and the yellow. Looks a little like a dream.

Now I have to think about:
- What I want to submitt to the AOP awards
- Getting my picture from Ansa to the Cyan galleri in Oslo without being able to do that myself.
- If I should go to Oslo to be there for the opnening of the exhibition. You might not know, but I'm going to be in an exhibition, it's in Oslo from the 28. to the 31. this month. I'm a little exited about this exhibition because it's the first one I'm in that has nothing to do with being a Norwegian studying abroad.
Now I'm going to read some pages in Crime and Punishment before taking an early night.

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