Sitting here looking throuh my pictures makes me long for summer and sun. What I like best about the summer is coming early home from work only to grab a good book and lay in the sun for the rest of the day.
I can't say that the North-Norwegian summer always is the best, the weather can be pretty chanching, from cold fog to bright sun all in ine day.
These pictures reminds me of summer back home and what it feels like.

I miss that summer when I finished early from uni and the artschool people were still hanging around town. We went out late at night to go skating. And those of us who failed skating started Low Level (can't remember if it was team or crew). The point of Low Level was doing things at a low level and being proud of that.

Here it is, the Low Level team. Ragna, Emma, Liv Karin and Thomas.

No one did low level like Ragna, just look at those eyes.

We have had so many crazy times back home.

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