I suck at photography

Spent the day down in Porto today and did some shooting. I got a Hasselblad out for the weekend and thought I had to use it now that I had it. It all went good until I found out the camera (possibly me, but I want to blame the camera) winded the film back inside out, guess I loaded the film the wrong way. The camera would not load another film, I tried to wind it on several times, but nothing. All of this made me sad, it would have been nice pictures and everything. I had taken pictures of a cat laying in the sun, some random dog taking a shit, some kid chasing the pidgeons and city scenes. I don’t have time to reshoot all of this before easter. I only have tomorrow morning before school, mediatheory and then photography. Perhaps I can go down to town when the other kids are in the studio. Just hope the weather stays nice, the report is not so promising.

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