back in norway now and everything is the same but different if you understand? my home town is so small but still i don't know many of the people living here.
it is always nice going back to england for a few days, i get greeted at the train station by some lovely people. i'm lucky and get to stay at their house. can't say how nice it was to see this people again. not only old friend, but i also meet so many new people because my mind is open for it and that is so nice.
monday evening christina and will came over to the house for a few drinks before town, they had been out on a boat all dday and both of them where red like tomatoes. the weather was very nice when i was in falmouth and tuesday we all went to the beach. it was cat's birthday and in the morning we made a nice breakfast with eggs in many forms, toast, tea and all things belonging to a good breakfast. the rest of the day was spent on the beach, i ate a giant ice cream. i had to eat it really fast because it was melting.
in the evening we went out to celebrate cat, first at jacob's and later town.
thank you cat, livvie, james, mark and sophie for some really nice days in falmouth with you all, hope to see you again soon.

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