hurrah hurrah it's almost holliday

a short entry before i go to bed. the bar was really busy tonight and we spent hours cleaning up. we tried to make drinks, but we're not that good.
yesterday i got flowers from a customer- he was strange, but kind. this italian man came to the bar to nights in a row and the second day he game me flowers. what i like about working in a bar is all the strange people you meet. they're day in the daytim too, but you don't have the time ti notice them. in the evening people sit down, have some drinks and a good time. and what i really like is that you witness all of it.
tomorrow my parents are coming to pick me up for a mini holliday. don't know where we are going yet, but i'll bet we'll be going up some mountain. sadly i won't be gone long, have to work again tuesday morning.
i found three ripe strawberriess in our garden tonight- i love strawberries. i have loved them since i was a little girl and they used to call me the strawberry girl. when i go to our house in the country i'll have even more strawberries to pick. look foreward to that so much

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