my mini holliday

sunday my mom came ad picked me up for a mini holliday at our place in the country. i say country like if i live in a city, wich i really don't. i live in a really small village, where i at the moment work as a waitress in a little cafe & bar and with people with pshysical and mental disabilities. since i work almost every day, when i get a chance to get away for a moment- i jump on it.
our place in the country in not very far away- half an hour drive and then 25 minutes on the ferry and you're basically there. what i love about the place is how quiet it is and the big garden. the garden is filled with all kind of wonderful things from potatoes to strawberries.
sunday evening my dad made a wonderful dinner and for dessert- my favourite, fresh berries with cream! after dinner we made a small bonfire of some old bushed my dad have cut down and the flame and the cloudberry had the same colour. my mom and me had gone up the mountain and picked some couldberries so i could have some on my breakfast before going out on adventures.

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